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Jewelry - Nunn Design Patera Pendants, Earrings, Bails & Findings by Nunn Design

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Corrines Sample Pendant

I saw these wonderful Patera pendants at CHA 2007 and loved them the minute I saw them.  They are made by Nunn Design and all aspects of the process happens in the United States.   I think they are very nicely done.   A lot of quality for the money. The quality is consistent also.   All the silver pendants have a very nice sturdy fold over bail.  The copper pendant has a sturdy ring attached at the top.  The bails are soldered neatly to the pendant. 
The lip of the bail on the small pendants measures approx. 1/16" and the larger ones are slilghtly higher than that.
What are you going to put in your pendant?  How about a favorite family photo, small collage, small beads, Swarovski crystals, charms--- and then finish it with a resin sealer.   

Please note- the scans so not do these items justice.  The silver is very nice and the copper has a wonderful antique look.

The word "Patera" means an ornamental amulet. 
The deep bezels are lead free pewter with an antique gold, silver or copper finish on them. 
The stamped pendants are silver plated brass.
The pressed bails below are typically a nice shiny silver color, occasionally they do come in not looking up to par- however, just a little scrub with soap & water shines them right up so don't be disappointed if they aren't shiny-just take them for a bath.


Nunn Design Channel  Hoop Earrings~These earrings are very versatile.  You can wear them as is, or you can jazz up the channel with rhinestone cup chain, jewelry clay, paint them a color to match a particular outfit- if you use nail polish- you can easily change the colors.  You could adhere other things to it- fabric, small watch parts, other metal items-pretty much anything your imagination wants to do. 
They are made here in the United States and have a base metal of brass and stainless steel.  They are then plated with .999 fine silver and finished with an antique silver finish.  The outer dimensions is 28mm in diameter and 6.5mm wide.  The inner dimension is 4.5mm (channel).  The high quallilty, affordability and timeless design make these earrings a win-win.  
In the samples below, the mfg shows channel earrings with 2 part jewelry clay and small beads, small pearls, larger beads, seed beads and just adding texture to the jewelry clay-very nice!!
Sold per set of earrings.

Nunn Design Mfg Sample

Nunn Design Mfg Sample


Nunn Design Patera Large Square Pressed Bail Pendant~The pendant bail measures approx. 5/8" wide and approx. 5/8" high, when you include the bail it measures 15/16" high, just 1 nothc shy of 1".  The bail is soldered nicely to the back and is very sturdy.  I would call it a bright silver matte finish.  Pkg. 1. (NU534)


Nunn Design Patera Small Square Pressed Bail Silver Pendant~This pendant measures approx. 7/16" square and measures 3/4" high with bail.  Pkg. 1 (NU536)


Nunn Design Patera Small Pressed Silver Circle Pendant Bail~ This pendant measures approx. 9/16" in diameter and with the bail it measures approx. 3/4" high.
Pkg. 1 (NU537)



Nunn Design Patera Small Square Silver Pendant with Bail~ This pendant measures approx. 11/16" square and approx. 1" including the ring.  The sides measure 1/8" high.  It is beautifully done in an antique silver finish.  This is a high quality piece cast in pewter and then plated with the antique silver finish.  The Patera pendants are made by Nunn Design so if you are familiar with their product, you know they have excellent quality. The picture to the right shows a copper pendant so you can see the scale, but I no longer carry the copper pendant in this size. Pkg. 1


Nunn Design Patera Rectangle Gold Pendant~ This pendant measures approx. 1 5/16" high -not including bail and approx. 7/8" wide.  The inside dimensions of the pendant measure approx. 3/4" W and approx. 1 3/16" h.  These are cast metal with a coated antique gold finish on the top and the quality is very nice and very consistent.  Pkg. 1 (LPR-GB)


Nunn Design Patera Rectangle Silver Pendant~ Check the above pendant for dimensions.  I hesitate to call this antique silver, really any of them an antique finish because they have a more antiqued look in the inside of the recangle than on the outside perimeter.  The outside is more of the silver color with a hint of black in it.  Same with the gold  and copper.  Very nicely done.  Pkg 1. (LPR-SB)


Nunn Design Patera Rectangle Copper Pendant~ Please refer to the gold rectangle pendant above for the dimensions.  Wonderful copper color.  Pkg. 1 (LPR-CB)


Nunn Design Patera Large Round Pendant, Silver~ This pendant with bail measures approx. 1" in diameter.  It comes in the silver finish and the bail hole is quite generous to accomodate many different methods of hanging this pendant.  Pkg. 1 (NU483)


Patera Large Round Pendant, Gold~ This pendant measures 1" in diameter and comes in the beautiful gold finish.  Pkg. 1 (NU482)


Patera Large Round  Pendant, Copper~ This is the same as the round ones above and measures approx. 1" in diameter.  Pkg. 1 (NU484)


Patera Large Square Pendant, Gold~  This pendant measures approx. 1" square and with the bail, it measures approx. 1 1/4" high.  The inside portion measures approx. 7/8" square.   It is available in all 3 finishes, silver, copper and gold.  Sold per piece. (NU488)


Patera Large Square Pendant - Silver~See the above description in the gold for measurements.  Sold per piece. (NU489)


Patera Large Square Pendant, Copper ~Please refer to the large gold pendant for the dimensions of the large square pendant.
Sold Per Piece. (NU490)


Patera Large Pressed Square Connector, Silver~This is for making bracelets or multiple link necklaces.  The connector measures approx. 5/8" square and approx. 15/16" from each connector top to bottom.  It comes in a silver finish which I would call a matter silver finish.  Very nicely done.  Sold per piece. (NU531)


Patera Small Pressed Square Connector, Silver~This connector measures approx. 3/8" square and approx. almost 3/4" including the connecting rings.  If you hold a dime in your hand, it fits it exactly as far as height.  Use in bracelets or necklaces, connect together or add beads, charms and other embelllishments from it.
Sold per piece. (NU533)


Patera Small Round Silver Pendant ~To give you an approximation of the size, you can set a dime on the top of it and it is just a tiny little bit bigger.  It measures approx. 3/4" across is diameter. It comes in the antique silver tone finish and has a ring at the top.   Pkg. 1. (NU501)


Patera Small Round Copper  Pendant~This bezel measures approx. 3/4" in diameter.  If you set a dime on the top of the bezel, the bezel would be just a tiny bit larger than the dime.  Antique copper finish, Pkg. 1. (NU502)


Patera Square Silver Link/Connector~This is a square silver link or connector for your bracelets or necklaces.  It measures approx.  1 1/8" wide including the rings.  The actual square part measures approx. 3/4" square.  Sold per link. (NU519)


Patera Large Silver Heart Pendant~This pendant represents a typical heart shape and measures approx. 1 1/4" at its widest and approx. 1 1/4" high including the bail.  The bail is part of the molded heart so it is very sturdy.  Sold per piece. (LPH-SB)


Vintage Easy Peasy Jewelry Collage~This is a wonderful book from Hot Off the Press.  It was designed to be used with the Patera Jewelry and other 1x3" , 2x2", 1x1" pieces.  It is a wonderful combination of paper collages and transparent overlays.  It has some design ideas included in it and has over 90 pieces of wonderful collage and designs.  This is a keeper!

These earrings make a wonderful personalized gift.  Add your favorite paper, photos, words, text, etc. to these for a unique one of a kind gift or personal jewelry.
Birthdays, Gift Exchanges, Bridal Jewelry, Retirement, or Just because!


Pateral Small Circle Earrings -Sterling Silver Plated~These earrings measure approx. 1/2" in diameter and approx. 3/8" on the center recessed part.  Whether square or circles, these earrings can stand alone with nothing in them or add a favorite picture, pretty paper, beads, etc. to top them off.  This is a bright silver finish and the fish hook type earwire is soldered neatly to the back so they look good that way too.  Sold per set- 2 pieces.
$5.25 Sale $4.99


Patera Small Circle Earrings, Antique Silver Plated~These are same measurements as small circles above, 1/2" in diameter and the recessed area is 3/8".  They come in antique silver finish- but, I feel, not a typical antique look- still quite bright.  Wear aloone or decortate-very pretty.  Sold per set (2 pieces)
$5.25 Sale $4.99


Patera Detail Crown Finding-Silver Dot~This is a cool charm to add to any of the larger Patera pieces or any other metal, paper, scrapbook, etc. piece you are working on.  This crown measures approx. 3/4" wide at the widest part and 3/8" at the narrowest poiint and measures almost 1/2" high.  If you are using this in jewelry and a ball chain necklace- I think this would be a great way to carry the ball chain look into your project.  Unique.  Bright silver plated finish.  Sold per pkg of 2 pieces.

Some simple metal smithing tools can be found on this page link


Texture hammers for metal can be found on this page link

Patera Leaf Toggle Bar, Antique Silver Finish~This comes in antique silver and is approx 7/8" in measurement (21mm).  Although not shown, this has a ring behind it so that you can attach it with beading wire, etc. to hold bracelets & necklaces together- functional- or use as a decorative feature only.

Patera Mfg Sample Using Leaf Toggle Bar


Patera Twig Toggle Bar, Antique Silver Finish~This toggle bar measures approx 1 " (25mm).  It has a ring on the back so that you can connect it to your necklaces, bracelets, etc.  The detail is very nice.  You could also add to your polymer clay designs, embedding it into the clay or use as an embellishment on an altered art project.  Sold per piece.

Don't forget about your polymer clay.  I recently watched the Lisa Pavelka video by Page Sage (very good) and she was using bezels similar to these to put her clay in for necklaces.

Grande Heart Sample from Patera Website

Grande Heart with Polymer Clay from Patera Website



These vintage syle buttons from 7 Gypsies will fit in the large circle pendant quite nicely.  You can cover the hole with something, add a rhinestone crystal maybe.  Something different though.  I love the look of mother of pearl and although I am not 100% sure these are authentic mother of pearl-they look like the real thing.
Okay, I had to go run and make one, I simply used a rhinestone over the hole, rub-ons from 7 Gypsies to create dotted circle border and scroll on the inside.

Patera Square Pendant used as earring from Patera website


I know the scan is lousy- anytime you have a 3-d object it blurs it but I just wanted to give you the idea.  This is the large pressed circle pendant and it has a button brad in the center from K&Company.  I removed the brad backing, glued it in, then added some no hole beads to absorb the slight difference in size.  The button itself is very ornate and pretty.


This is a small round pendant.  The side was slightly damaged so I played around with it using a product from Golden called tar gel.

Patera Link with Fabric from Patera Website


Bette Davis rectangle pendant in antique gold finish.  Poor ol Bette has been a challenge.  Simple to do- just added the cool postage stamp, a few little Suze Weinberg embellishments at the bottom to hide where I short cutted her and dimensional glaze.  After I poured the glaze, the next day I went to scan her and even though she felt dry-she wasn't quite dry and stuck to the scanner.  I thought I would have to scrap everything out but it self leveled and looked pretty good again.  I took her outside to show someone one day.  The next day I looked all over for her and couldn't find her.  I figured the cats had swiped it and fell behind something, but I was out on the porch later that day and found her on the glider-cold but intact.  She looked pretty good and felt dry so I put her in a plastic bag to show my friend and when I took her out, the glaze was a mess again-the plastic had stuck to the glaze.  So I thought I would let her sit  to see if it self leveled again.  It did pretty good but I had to put more glaze in.  She looks pretty good now if I will just let her sit for a few days.  I used a different glaze product that I like called Treasure Crystal Cote by Plaid.  I like the product but it comes in a glass jar so I don't think I will be shipping it.  It does take a little longer to cure.

Patera Mfg Sample Using Toggle Bar

Patera Mfg Sample using Twig Toggle bar

Mfg. Sample

Mfg. Sample

Mfg. Sample

Mfg. Sample

The above samples were made by the manufacturer.

Pendant Sample by Corrine with Katherine Hepburn Postage Stamp

Sorry this is a little blurry.  The scanner picks up the closest portion of an object and blurs things farther away andsince this is set into the square pendant, it blurs, but you get the idea.  Great embellishment-postage stamps.

Pendant by Corrine with postage stamp

Such a different look with the same Katherine Hepburn postage stamp with a different shape pendant.  The oval pendant is from a different company, just wanted to show you another idea.

Corrines Sample Pendant

This sample was made with a domed round metal piece I had found at a bead store awhile ago- waiting for the right project.  I put a mother of pearl piece as the base and put the dome over top-kind of gives you something to peer into it.

Corrines Sample pendant

This sample was made with an earring found at a thrift store.  It makes it nice, because if you really like it, you can make one for yourself and one to give away or sell.  I removed the back of the earring and glued it to the Patera Pendant.  This is also nice to if you find earrings that are pierced or clip ons-depending on whether your ears are pierced or not- to enjoy the earrings- just in a different form.

Corrine's Sample Patera Pendant

Corrine's Sample Patera Pendant

These 2 samples above -the one on the left and also shown at the top of the page, has an earring I found in a thrift store that I liked.  The one on the right is a pretty square bead I found in a bead store.  Just another way to use something in a different manner.

PLEASE make sure your Paypal ADDRESS is CORRECT before placing your order.  Thanks!  It also helps to have a correct email address if I need to contact you re your order.  Thanks.
Articus Studio, 8341 Old Tarlton Pike, Stoutsville, Oh 43154, 740-477-1238