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I find jewelry making very gratifying.  In my endeavors of making jewelry I have also found that having the right tool or aid is worth its weight in gold.  I don't spend 8 hours every day making jewelry, just a part time relaxation and creative outlet.  I don't need real expensive tools for this.   If I spent many hours making jewelry, cutting wire and head pins, I would certainly advise you to get the best tools you can within your budget.  For part timers, this is a fine selection of tools and aids to make jewelry making even more fun and enjoyable.
Most of these items are the same as what is supplied to major jewelry suppliers on the internet.  I am able to provide you with these same products at a better price because I don't go thru a middle man or middle supplier. 


Wooden Ring Clamp with Wedge~This is a pretty handy little item for holding things while you work on them- rings to name a few.  Pretty ingenious- you remove the wedge from the tool- insert the item you want to hold on the other end and then insert the wedge back in until it holds your item tightly.   You are holding the wedge end- so it does not slip out or get loose.  It is larger than it looks.  It measures approx. 6" long.  Both ends- the part that holds the ring and the part that holds the wedge has a piece of leather on the top and bottom so that nothing metal is marred by the wood.  Looks like they have thought of everything.  Very comfortable in your hand.

I have expanded the line of hammers so they have their own page, so click this link for hammers.

Hammers Link


Checkered/Wide Stripes Hammer Sample

2-Sided Texture Hammer #1~Checkered & Wide Stripes Pattern-  This is a double headed hammer with a different texture on each head-checkered and wide stripes.  You use this to create a different texture on metals by laying your metal over an anvil or bench block, (I often use a wood bench) strike the metal sharply to emboss your pattern into the metal.  The range of decorative effects is endless.  Hammer heads are not hardened so that as they wear, the more interesting the pattern becomes.  They measure approx 10" long and the heads measures 1 1/8" in diameter.  You can experiment first on some scrap metal to get a feel for the amount of force needed to create the pattern you like.  Use both ends of the hammer for a unique effect.  You can also use on the brass blanks we sell.  Create texture for necklaces, bracelets, pendants, home decor, etc.
$16.99  OUT OF STOCK- My supplier lost his source and is looking for a new one- so not sure how long this will take


Dimple/Narrow Strip Hammer Pattern

2-Sided Texture Hammer~ Dimple & Narrow Stripes-This 2-sided texture hammer can be used to create an endless amount of decorative effects on your metal pieces.  The hammer measures approx. 10" long and the heads measure 1 1/8" in diameter.  Lay your metal over an anvil, bench block and strike sharply.  You can practice on a piece of scrap metal to get a feel for the force needed to create the texture you desire.  The hammer heads are not hardened so that as they wear, the pattern becomes more interesting. 
$16.99 OUT OF STOCK -Supplier lost source- so may be awhile

Tim Holtz Texture Hammer can be found on this page link

Tim Holtz also has scissors that will cut metal, paper, rubber, etc. They can be found on this page link


Aluminum Beading Sorting Tray/Scoop~ I love all the little tools that help make beading or any other craft just a little easier.  These trays are handy to hold your beads while beading or use them to scoop the beads up on your bead mat (hopefully you won't have to use it for beads that have spilled on the floor).  Plus, they are just cute!  It measures approx. 2 3/4" high.


Bead Scooper~ This 6" long metal bead scooper is ideal for scooping, gathering and transporting small beads.  You can even try it with your unruly powders or micro beads.  If you beads spill out on your floor or work area, this scoop makes short work of gathering them up.


5" Long  Nose Pliers~ These plier are smooth on the inside of the long nose part.  Use for gripping when working with wire, head pins and more.  I find these an indispensable tool when jewelry making.  They have a pink padded handle for comfort while using.


Split Ring Pliers~ These are made from quality carbon steel and are 5 1/2" long (14 cm).  They have comfort grip handles for ease of use.  Now you may wonder what you use these for, well you know those jump rings that go around more than once (sort of like a mini key ring) and are a pain to get anything on,  these make that easier to do. 


Soft Jaw Nylon Coated Pliers-These are flat pliers that have a plastic cover over the metal to protect your metal wire, jewelry and other metal items from being marred by metal on metal.  It also has the soft comfort grip handles.  It is approx 5 1/2" long. 

The Right Tools
Round Nose Pliers with smaller heads will help create a perfect loop each time.  I beleive these are a definite must if you make earrings or like to add things to bracelets or necklaces (think of a cha-cha bracelet).  I always have them handy whenever I bead and am working with wire.
Nylon Jaw Pliers will not scratch or mar wire and are the best tool for straightening and strengthening wire. 
Nose PliersFlat  will help keep work in place while shaping the wire.  another tool I always have handy when working with wire.
Wire Cutters- These are mandatory.  You should never cut wire with your scissors.  It will dull the blades.  You shouldn't even cut memory wire with your regular wire cutters.  They do make special wire cutters for memory wire but if that isn't handy, I would certainly choose a more industrial strength pair of wire cutters.  You should use the heavier wire cutters when cutting heavier (10-14) gauge also
English style beading needles are perfect for intricate beadwork, peyote, loom and off-loom beading. 
Important Tip - The larger the number needle-the thinner the needle
A No. 10 Needle is considered heavy and can fit thread diameters up to .010 inch diameter.  Seed beads -sizes 9 & 10 - work well with this size needle.
A No. 12 Needle is a medium sized needle and can fit thread diameters of up to .007 inch.  Seed beads (size 9-14) work well with this size needle.  This size needle also works well with the Nymo thread, sizes B, D & F.


 Attention:  Most things are shipping in one day but may have the occasional extra day here and there.  Still recovering from Knee Replacement surgery, Oct. 23rd.  Doing pretty good but it still has its days.
Thanks so much for your patience during this time.

ATTN:  MAC Users & Ipod Phone Users~
For some reason Mac/Ipods & Paypal do not work well together.  For some Mac & Ipod users, the Paypal cart will dump after several things are added to the cart.  I might suggest you write the item numbers down that come up when you "add to cart".  If it does dump, you can call -740-477-1238 or email your order  Sorry for the inconvenience.  I have notified Paypal of this problem, but so far it has not been fixed.
PLEASE make sure your Paypal ADDRESS is CORRECT before placing your order.  Thanks!  It also helps to have a correct email address if I need to contact you re your order.  Thanks.
~International Customers~
When checking out with Paypal, please add your phone number.  The United States Postal Service is requiring that for all international shipments now.
Articus Studio, 8341 Old Tarlton Pike, Stoutsville, Oh 43154, 740-477-1238