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I started rubber stamping about 1995 or so.  I attended a D.O.T.S. (Dozens of Terrific Stamps) home party and got hooked on the embossing.  I quickly started my collection of rubber stamps, ink pads, embossing powders and other supplies.  It got out of hand.  It was all over the house.  Do any of you have that problem?  (snicker)
I attended several stamping groups and began selling yarn and fibers I had re-packaged into smaller quantities.  Then I started picking up other things I thought people would enjoy and eventually grew into Articus Studio working out of my home.  I did stamping conventions across the United States for several years.  In 2004 I was going to put most of my efforts into the web site and stay home.  We then had the fire in March and that put an end to my plans for almost a year.  
Now in 2006, I am putting my efforts into the web site and opened up a room in my house for sales.  The room isn't very big, but I can pack a whole lot of stuff in small spaces.  Where I live it is a minimum of 20 minute drive to get to any of the larger towns around us.  I am carrying jewelry making supplies so people won't have to drive as far to get a little taste of a beading/rubber stamping/scrapbooking store.  I am hoping it will be well received by my little town and surrounding areas.  It also solves another problem, I have a bum knee..bone on bone..ouch!  Even though I dearly love doing the conventions and meeting all you wonderful crafters, (I especially love to see what everyone has made as far as jewelry, pins, bracelets and necklaces) it aggravates that knee and just makes me a bit grumpy.   In Nov of 2008 I finally had knee replacement surgery.  One doctor recommended that I wait until I was about 60 years old-I am so glad I didn't (he didn't do the surgery either).  The new knee is soooo much better than the old and I feel like doing things again.  I am even feeling more creative than I have in years.  That pain beats you down so.  I even feel like cleaning my house again. 
Well now in 2015, I really don't feel like cleaning the house.
I have my way of stopping myself from buying things I don't need for the house.....I just ask myself....DO I WANT TO DUST IT?? and the answer is NO. 
I had my 2nd knee replace in October of 2014 so now I have a complete set.  Much better than the old knee.  What a marvelous thing it is to have them replaced and the knowledge and technology that goes along with all that..


This is Lily (left) and Belle (right) sitting in the rocker.  They are fast friends.  Belle took Lily under her wing when she was just a pup.  Lily was afraid to be out on the chain at night to go potty and I would ask Belle to go outside with her and she always did. (Yes, I talk to the animals, ha ha).  Belle is so good to Lily.  It is amazing to see how patient she is with her.
Sadly, Belle passed away July 27th, 2012, from a virus or something that hit both her & Lillie.  Belle was amazingly 17 years old and just couldn't fight it.  As of this writing, July 30, 2012, we are working to get Lilllie healthy again. 


This is Lassie (#2).  She is about 6 months old at this writing (March 09).  She was born to one of our outside dogs, Fat Girl, and when I was getting ready to put her in the paper for adoption, she got some kind of infection all around her face and ears.  We had to doctor her up and it took a few weeks to clear up so by then we were attached.  She has a personality unlike any dog we have ever had before but she is cute.  For some reason she likes to drag the carpet from the bathroom into the living room.  Can you see the defiance in her face?


This is Bubby, or Bub-alicious or Big Guns as I like to call him.  This is the smaller version of him- he probably weighs about 135 pounds now and is about a year and a half old at this writing (March 2009).  He was born to the outside dog, Fat Girl, and we had put him in the paper for adoption.  So, on a Sunday, a guy came and took him home.  I looked out the window on Tuesday and guess who was back- that guy had just dropped him off- didn't let us know or anything.  So, I put him back in the paper and the following Sunday a very nice family came and took him home.  They even called that evening to let us know how he was getting along.  They had a kitty and a dachsund too.  Well, infamous Tuesday comes and they call and ask if they can bring him back- they thought he might hurt their dachsund being so much bigger.  So, they brought him back and I just didn't have the heart to put him in the paper again.  He has such a sweet easy-going personality.  He is big though.  His face has changed and I think he looks like he has some St. Bernard in him somewhere along the line.  Seems our dogs always have a little story attached with them.  It is quite something to see Bubby, as big as he is, standing on his hind legs, jumping up and down, while at the front French doors (mostly glass) when the delivery guy comes.  
1/12/13 Poor Bubbuy Butt (my favorite name for him, also Bubbaliscious).  He is at the vet having surgery.  He got into an altercation with his friend, Thor- 1 of our outdoor dogs and he has not faired well at all.  He has a large palm sized wound that the tissue is dead & has to be removed & cleaned well.  That happened about a week ago.  Plus, at the vets when I took him down for the first time they had to weigh him- a modest 197 pounds.  One of the saddest things has been the end of their friendship.  Thor is an outside dog and is on a chain.  When I let Bubby out, many times he was not chained and he would go and sit by Thor and spend time just sitting there with him.  After Thor hurt him so bad, he does not do that anymore.


Newest Member of the clan~This is Joey Kitty- I am pretty sure he is a boy.  I know- I just can't hardly tell when kittens are so little.  As with most of my animals, he has a little story too.  I think he was dumped off, I caught sight of him one evening while letting the dogs out.  The next day I heard him meowing.  I checked one place in the yard and then it sounded like another place..went there and sounded like another place...the sound was just bouncing all around and could not pinpoint where he was.  When my husband came home, he determined he was out in the soybean field behind the house.   I walked out there- heard him meowing and when I got closer he quit.  So I started calling "here kitty, kitty" and nothing.  I decided to try meowing myself--well it was sad and so cute at the same time, I meowed and he started meowing real fast like he was saying "mommy, I'm over here, here I am.  So I put out some food & water and took 3 days for him to come close enough I could pick him up.  It was my birthday, so I got to keep him.   I kept him in my craft room until I could get him acclimated to the other kids and them to him.   Now about 3 1/2 weeks later (Sept 9, 2009) he is terrorizing Kitty Girl, keeping the dogs on their toes and Baby just growls...stay away, I'm a cat!  Isn't he cute!
So now in 2015, he is just a little sweetie!  He does like to cuddle and he seems to sense when I am not feeling well and he comes and lays down with me...soooo cute....melt my heart.  He does like to play, too.  Just so amazing to see their personalities come out.


Seems like all our animals- like people- have their own little story.  This is Blackie.  He was acquired in late March, 2011 because someone dumped him off on our road.  Our road is pretty busy one- even being out in the country.  Traffic moves at least about 55 mph so it would not take long for one mis-step into an oncoming car and he would have been a statistic on the side of the road.  My husband tried to coax him from the field, with no luck- but he did follow him into the yard.  I sat on the porch and coaxed him over to me- it wasn't very hard and he was just simply so loving and cute-my heart melted.  Now the inside dogs were not so thrilled- they barked and barked at us on the porch till they eventually wore themselves out- that's when I tested the waters and brought "Blackie" in the house.  Well, it was an instant hit-no one fought, well maybe Belle brumbled a bit- she is pretty old and doesn't like her nest upheaved.  But all was good, well Joey Kitty was not happy for about 4 days.  He swatted at Blackie and hissed but they have become good buddies now and Blackie chases Joey Kitty and he loves it.  Blackie looked like someone cared for him- his coat was pretty, looked like his claws may have been trimmed and did not look like he had a collar on at anytime.  He did have worms though so that was an immediate trip to the vet next day once we made the "hard" desicion to keep him.  We called around to a couple neighbors and called the pound and did not seem like anyone was looking for Blackie.  He is a sweetheart but now after about a month- seems he has a little separation anxiety....What!!!  4 other dogs in the house plus 3 cats and he frets when I am gone and chews things up.  The cell phone was the first to go---with 2 months more until I could re-up with Verizon- had to get a track phone in the interim.  That answers your question if you were trying to reach me by my regular cell phone late March through May-I can't retrieve any of the calls.  Some shoes and a dog bed and some cushions that we had extra on the floor for the kids have all met with "Black Bart".  He has melded into the whole family really so seamlessly.  The other dogs have taken to him very well and Blackie and Lassie play until they are exhausted. 
One thing sad though- one evening while watching tv, a commercial came on with whistling in it- Blackie perked up right away and came immediately over very excited and happy.  I think whoever had him before trained him with whistling to play- so each time he hears whistling, he just looks strange and looks at you but comes bounding over ready to lick and jump and play.

I have 2 grown children who have children of their own- 5 lovely grand childrenWe currently have 4 grown dogs,Lily, Bubby & Lassie #2 & Blackie, still living at home along with the 3 kitties, Baby and Kitty Girl (who is a boy-coudn't tell what he was as a kitten) & Joey Kitty.   I was foolish enough to think we needed another indoor dog.  Lassie was getting pretty old and has now passed on July 22, 07, so I kept a pup from one of the litters and her name is Lily.  Now Lily had been a handful.  She had full blown separation anxiety but now is starting to settle down a little bit.  She loves crafting...mostly mixed media -  like going in and taking a product from the sales room and chewing it up into a mixed media piece of art.   We have had many discussions about her artwork!  But Lilly has grown out of that phase and has passed that along to Lassie #2.  I had just recently ordered some color dusters in stock-they look like miniature old shaving brushes- anyhow, in one days time, Lassie had chewed every last one of them. 
We also have 2 outside dogs, Fat Girl & Thor. 
The kitties are not to be outdone by the dogs in their crafting efforts.  You may even get a piece of their altered work.  They like to alter the plastic bags that I have product in by chewing on the corners.  I am still not sure which one or both like to do this- they seem to prefer crafting in quiet, by themselves.
My husband has been very supportive of my efforts with Articus Studio but he still wouldn't be able to tell you the difference between embossing powder and baby powder.  Maybe someday he will enter the realm of rubber stamps and crafting.
As of 2015, this seems very doubtful! 


This is Baby.  She was my first kitty.  I have always been allergic to cats but I worked part-time as a bookkeeper in a Vet's ofc. and that helped with the allergies.  Baby was born to a wild cat that lived in our basement.  Well, we have an old well that was covered with a block of cement but had a small opening and Baby fell in it.  I heard some meowing when I let the dogs out on their chains and did some investigating and found her.  My son-in-law came over and helped get her out- just in time because her meowing was getting very weak.  So she came to live in the house with us.  She is not what you call an affectionate cat although she does like to lay near me.  Belle also stepped up to the plate with Baby too and Baby loves her and, for a long time, would only purr around Belle.  Baby has a beautiful black and white coat and does love to be combed. 


This is a recent photo of Bubby Boy, April 19, 2011.  He is so shy that it is difficult to get a picture of him- he will run to the bedroom if I get the camera out and point it at him or if he is outside- he just keeps moving so I can't get one.  He is just the sweetest dog though.  He has a great personality, very laid back but he does growl like  bear.  Too cute-he has a little growly thing he does and we have goaded him into a growl like a bear and he does a long low growl thing.  You do have to watch your butt around him- he will nip at your butt when your back is turned to him if he doesn't know you very well. 
He's a special boy and I love having him around.

Cute story about Bub and Blackie.  Now Bubby- last weigh was just a couple pounds shy of 200 pounds.  He is a big boy.  He likes to lie on the couch too.  So do the others.  So one day as several others were lying on the couch-one of which was Blackie- Bub went over to where he was lying and stood and just looked at sound, just a constant stare and, I would imagine, just a pitiful gaze.  So finally Blackie relented, he grumbled and got down from the couch and Bubby just climbed up there, pleased as punch.  I have seen him do that to Blackie another time too.  He must know that he was the soft touch.

The only one who does not have a picture up here is Kitty Girl.  It is hard to take his picture too.  He is a sweet kitty- except when he gets a little nippy if he thinks his feed bowl is getting a little low.  It is hard to believe that 7 years has already passed since we got him the summer we had the house fire in 2004.  Where does time go?
He is just a sweetheart kitty too.  He loves to lay down on bed with me of an evening while I am reading.  He is there in the morning when I get up too.  Although I do believe he does leave after I go to sleep to prowl around.  All three of the cats stay inside.  Our road is too dangerous for a kitty to be outside.  They are safe from predators, cars and diseases-healthy and happy.  Always being a dog person-who knew I would love the kitties just as much.  I was terribly allergic to them when I was younger so it is really nice to have them and not have a bad allergic reaction to them.  I worked in a veterinarian office for awhile and there were several office kitties and I think that helped with the allergies.  So very glad it did.


Awwww, here's Kitty Girl-he is such a sweetie!

Finally, I have been very blessed by the people I have met through rubber stamping.  I enjoy meeting my customers whether at a convention, store, internet or by phone.  I heartily believe that crafting is beneficial for our mental and physical health.   You know, we get a lot of exercise going to conventions, craft stores and the like!  I think the finest gift you can give anyone is something that is hand made from the heart.  Many of my customers have given me a lot of encouragement by their kind words and after we had our fire in 2004, many were also praying for us.  I want to say thank you to all my customers who have helped to make Articus Studio a success.


Winter in Stoutsville- scene from the back of our house, winter 2006-07.


Stoutsville sunset from our front porch, fall 2006.


Field behind house with winter wheat, summer 2007.

Hostas in bloom 2013

winter in Ohio 2013

Just some pics of how it looks where I go to pick the items for your order.  I no longer open the "store".  Since I wear all the hats for Articus Studio, I can't price the items in the store and it is just much easier to pick the iterms and have them priced from an internet invoice.


You might think that a small in-home store wouldn't have a lot to offer so I put some pictures up so you can see just how much stuff I can cram into a room.




PLEASE make sure your Paypal ADDRESS is CORRECT before placing your order.  Thanks!  It also helps to have a correct email address if I need to contact you re your order.  Thanks.
Articus Studio, 8341 Old Tarlton Pike, Stoutsville, Oh 43154, 740-477-1238