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Brass Charms - Birds, Butterflies, Bees & Dragonflys

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Brass Charms shown are NOT actual size, please use the measurements.  I might suggest marking the size on a piece of paper because I often mis-judge sizes, being ruler challenged and all.  So, as a visual person, it really helps me to see it up close. 
Typically the brass charms are a shiny brass.  The scanner often does not show the true color.  (Or maybe it is the scannee)


Big Brass Bee~This brass bee is bold and has a lot of texture and interest to it.  For a framer of reference its wings span across and over the edge of a quarter.  It measures approx. 1" in diameter from edge of wings.  The wings are textured  and are well defined.  Vertically it measures 11/16" (almost 3/4").  It is ridged across the back of the bee and has textured surface in between the ridges.  At the highest point, it measures approx' 1/8".  So, you can see, this is a bold bee and will make a nice statement on your project whether it be paper, journals, wood, and other mixed media surfaces.  Paint him with the color of a bee and glue him onto a wall and let yours guests tell you that you have a big bug on your wall.  He looks fabulous on black.

Sold Per piece ~ $0.69


Fancy Open Butterfly~ This open work butterfly measures approx. 1/2" H and approx. 5/8" W.    It comes with a small ring on top but you can alo glue him down.  He also is slightly bowed to give the effect of flight.  If you like busy work-maybe you can glue some vellum to his wings for a different look.  Pkg. 4. (Check out the sample of the butterfly at the bottom of this page and how neat he looks when Ranger Black & White Enamel is applied to the surface of the charm)


Brass Hummingbird Charm~ Who doesn't love hummingbirds-you almost feel like it is a gift, here in Ohio, when you see them.  This little birdie measures approx. 3/4" from his tiny beak to the end of his wing and approx. 5/8" high including the ring.  This charm is a great companion with any of the flower charms.  Pkg. of 6.


Brass Beehive Charm~This is a pretty charm with a lot of dimension.  It has a ridged hive and 2 bees trying to buzz in to the little recessed door of the hive.   It measures approx.  5/8" wide and approx.  5/8" high including the ring on top.  Use in conjunction with floral stamps or brass charms, the little bee (below) or the humming bird brass charm.  If you want to use it without the ring, just snip it off with some wire cutters or Tim Holtz Scissors.  There are 6 charms in a package.


Small Brass Bee Charm~This is a cutie.  He measures approx. 5/16" high including ring and approx. 5/16" at its widest.  He will look cute on a card with a flower or the bee hive.  Combine him with a butterfly and/or dragonfly.  Dangle from an industrial chic or steampunk necklace or bracelet.  Tie him on a spiral bound notebook.  He is very versatile.  Pkg of 6 charms.


Corrine's clay, bee & rhinestones

This pendant above uses a 2 part turquoise color clay, small brass bee charm, rhinestones, black seed beads and added a little texture with lines.

This is a little post Christmas canvas I found on clearance.  It had Christmas words on it, but it soon was covered with Studio brand Gesso from Claudine Hellmuth, painted and stamped and a little humming bird brass charm  added for  that special interest and focus.


This is an ATC I made for a swap for the Tim Holtz cruise.  I hope whoever gets this one llikes "busy".  It does have the hummingbird charm on it to calm it down some.  The hummingbird just goes so nice with so many stamps.


Small Brass Dragonfly~This butterfly measures approx. 1/2" high including the top ring and approx. 3/8" wide.  He has a lot of detail going for him, his wings are recessed so you could easily color them with alcohol ink (how cute is that!).  His tail is segmented and ridged too, along with his eyes and head.  So many uses for him- on cards, books, jewelry, in pendants-he's a cutie.  Pkg of 4.


Small Brass Butterfly Charm~This charm measures approx. 7/16" wide and approx. 3/8" high including the ring.  He is a classic butterfly shape with a lot of detail.  The wings have a heart shape recess in them so you can color them in with alcohol ink, Sharpie or other paint or ink you can use on metal.  There is also detail of his body, eyes and antenni.  Pkg of 4 charms.


Small Shaped Brass Butterfly~He is a fluttery butterfly.  He is slightly curved as if in flight.  This charm measures approx. 3/8" wide and approx. a little more than 1/4" high including the ring.  He has engraved detail on the wings.  He would look cute on earrings, necklaces and bracelets or as embellishment for books, cards, ATC's, etc.  Pkg of 4 charms.


Pretty Swooping Bird~I love this little bird-I couldn't tell you what kind, all I know is- it is preetty!  For a small charm, it has a lot of detail on the wings  and head.  He comes with a ring but you can easily snip it off with you Tim Holtz Scissors-they cut metal- or any other little metal cutters.  I like that he would go with almost any theme on any project.  He measures almost 3.4" from the tip of his little beak to the end of his tail feathers.  His wing span measures approx. 11/16".  The scan does not do his color justice, he is a bright, smooth brass color.  Pkg of 4 birds.


Brass Bird House Charm~Well, it's finally spring, 2010, after another long winter and I think this birdhouse is the perfect addition for your card, scrapbook, project, etc. to bring that breath of spring alive on your card.  You can use the little hummingbird we have or the swoopy bird with it.  The charm measures approx. 3/4" high including the ring and approx. 5/8" wide.  It has wonderful detail with a shingled roof, a little dormer hanging out, perch and swirly detail above the open bird house hole/door.  Put a little snippet of string or straw coming out of the swoopy bird's mouth heading for his little abode.  So cozy!  If you have a little bird nest stamp- set the brass house in the birds nest.  Pkg 4.


Brass Birds Nest Charm~This charm is highly detailed with 4 little eggs and nest material.  It is raised to about 1/16" high and then the eggs are nestled in the charm.  The charm measures approx. 1/2" in diameter (not including the ring).  Give your bird charms a little homes to come home to.  Perfect with all the pretty bird rubber stamps out now.  Pkg of 4 charms.


PLEASE make sure your Paypal ADDRESS is CORRECT before placing your order.  Thanks!  It also helps to have a correct email address if I need to contact you re your order.  Thanks.
Articus Studio, 8341 Old Tarlton Pike, Stoutsville, Oh 43154, 740-477-1238